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Quickstart Package Install On The Live Server

Login your cPanel Account.

Click “File Manager” button.

Open “public_html” folder.

Click “Upload” button.

Click “Select File” button.

Click “” folder.

Click “Open” button.

Wait a few seconds/minutes.

File upload complete then click “Go back” Link text.

Extract “” file.

Now go to your site URL (

Click “NEXT” Button.

(1) Enter your Database server host name “localhost”.

(2) Enter your username.

(3) Enter your user password.

(4) Enter your Database name.

(5) Enter your Database table name prefix.

(6) Click “NEXT” button.

Waite a few minutes for Database restoration.

Database restoration successful than click “Next step” Button.

(1) Enter your Site name.

(2) Enter your Site e-mail address.

(3) Enter your Site e-mail sender name.

(4) Enter your E-mail.

(5) Enter your Password.

(6) Password ( repeat )

Click “Remove the installation directory” button.

Click “Visit your site's font-end” button.